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M-80 by Buzzy Beano
"Clumsy Grace"

Radionic Records FC 1135-2

*Cover by Matt Touchard*

Topcats singer, producer, and local music luminary Buzzy Beano takes a break from the covers game in his main band to give us a taste of the 80's with his fourth solo CD release. M80 is a collection of demos recorded throughout the 1980's. Most of the songs were recorded on four track cassettes and eight track reel to reel. The 80's vibe is so cool on these songs, Buzzy decided not to re-create the sound and is releasing these songs as a collection for your 80's enjoyment. The record is the 25th release from the independent label Four Cats/Radionic Records located in New Orleans, LA.

      Track List:

What's Going On Around Here, Statistic of Love , No Love In Your Eyes Anymore, Do You Ever Want to Hold Me, I Want You Back ,
I Am Yours And You Are Mine, It's Over , Don't Close The Door On Love, On The Inside, I Want You Tonight , The Girl Walks Away ,
Lookin' For The Good Side, Stop, Hurricane, You Have Lost Me