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Four Cats / Radionic History

      In 1994, after a ten year period of owning a music store and over three small commercial recording studios in New Orleans, Buzzy Beano/William Langford decided to work only with a simple eight track recording studio in his home. As a long time guitarist /singer for The Topcats, a well established local cover band and business in New Orleans, it seemed to Buzzy to be a logical choice as a place to fool around and be creative without the overhead of rented commercial property, where you find yourself just trying to pay the bills and never having the time to be creative! So, with this very limited recording setup, Buzzy and a few friends began making recordings and demos. Soon they found themselves wondering what they could or should do with these tapes of their creative ideas. The music they were making was of rock, folk, alternative, and country origins, which does not mix well in New Orleans. New Orleans is very fixed in Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, N.O. music, and Rap. This made things very difficult for other types of music to get support or recognition. Buzzy got the idea that it would be great to start a small independent record label dedicated almost exclusively to these styles of music and the many talented songwriters and artists that play them. It was then that the seed for the label was planted.
      Towards the end of 1994, a friend gave Buzzy a three song demo tape of a singer/songwriter named Francesca Pedalino and asked him to take a listen. After repeated listening and convinced that there was "something" in her songs and voice, Buzzy set out to sign Francesca as the first artist on the Four Cats / Radionic label. After contract agreements were made, the two began working on more songs and recruiting musicians for what was to be the record "a year of mondays". Thus the label was born, and although the recording studio is still in the house, it has grown to a full analog/digital studio with up to 72 tracks, computer editing and recording, and much more. The label now has seventeen releases with more in the works, and has been involved in recording, producing, and performing on three other releases for other labels.
      The company is looking ahead to exciting involvement in all kinds of recording, producing, and arranging projects, and more releases on the Four Cats / Radionic label!