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      Radionic Studios offers a complete professional facility with very affordable pricing. The atmosphere is both comfortable and creative...always relaxed. The staff includes Buzzy Beano as head engineer and technician, and a great stable of audio engineers. The studio control room features 2 Mackie d8b digital 96 channel fully automated consoles, w/on screen parameters, & one of the widest selections of recording formats in the area; Radionic has recording available Hard Disk recording on the Tascam MX-2424(48 tracks)& the Alesis HD-24XR with the high definition converters(72 tracks), computer recording on PC & Mac including Pro Tools, Cubase VST, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Audio Logic, Acid, Vegas Pro, & others with all the extras to accomplish almost anything!! The recording area is spacious & comfortable for a small studio, with 2 isolation rooms. Remote recording is also availble with a complete 24 track mobile Alesis HD-24XR system, which includes dedicated mixing console, mics, splitter, engineer, & more. Plus we have ADAT XT20 & Tascam DA-88 formats for recording or transferring. Within our facility is a complete professional mastering suite featuring some of the most current software & plugins; also a complete short run duplication service, which can handle CD, DVD, Video, cassette... plus complete graphics, printing, & shrink wrap. Last, but not house, and available to our clients (at no extra charge) is a large selection of guitars, amps, effects pedals & units, percussion instruments, microphones, keyboard equipment, and a Chickering 5' baby grand piano. Radionic Studios can handle ANY audio project from production start, demos, or to a state of the art finished product!!! We can even offer you a facility (friends of ours) to do video production. For information and booking call 504-669-3705 or e-mail to Check out the following studio photos, as well as a complete equipment, rate, and client list. Also check out some of the CD's recorded at Radionic Studios, in the Releases & Addtional projects pages of this web site.

Radionic studio photos. Radionic studio equipment list. Radionic studio mastering, computer recording, and duplication. Radionic studio rates list. Radionic studio client list.