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Radionic Studios Rates

Studio Rates - Basic studio rate for computer, digital,
or analog recording(unlimited tracks) or mixing
$40-45 per hr. (price depends upon format)
Mastering Suite rates - $40 per hour flat
rate.Remote recording 24 tracks Alesis
HD-24 hard disk recording with up to 13 hours
continuous time without stopping machine- $600
per day plus IDE Hard drive cost; includes sound engineer.
Maximum 4hrs. of "record" time(does not count
setup time). Over 4 hours with be pro-rated.

CD Duplication - 1 to 200pcs.
Includes CD w/duplication,jewel case,
and full color ink jet printing on CD
(not paper label) - $2.50 each
shrink wrap & stuffing available
(w/supplied inserts) for $.50 extra
inserts & printing available; store ready CD's $4.50 up each.

CD Replication - w/ full graphic design & printing available
Call or e-mail for quotes.
Graphic design is done at an
hourly rate of $40 per hr. Printing and
reproduction depends on the design
itself, and the CD insert/booklet type.

Cassette Duplication - High speed quality duplication available
at very reasonable prices.
Prices depends upon length of audio
material and the quality of tape requested.
All prices will include cassette
w/duplication, hard or soft box, and
professional printed paper label.
Please call or e-mail for pricing.

Multi-track Duplication/Copying - from machine to machine,
or format to format, etc.
This rate is $35 per hr. with
a 2 hr. min. of $70.

***Prices available by the day ONLY!***
***Truck or Van available upon request(extra charge).***
***Microphones available upon request (extra charge).***

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