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Radionic Studio Equipment List

Recorders and Mixers
1-Tascam MX 2424 - Hard Disk Recorder w/45gig HD space & DVD drive,
            Viewnet & MX View software w/E-machines computer,
                         Hatachi GF2050 - 9.4 gig DVD-Ram drive backup drive
1-Tascam RC-2424 - Hard Disk Recorder Remote Control
2-Tascam DA-88 - Digital Tape Recorders, 1 w/SY-88 Sync Card
1-Tascam RC-828 - Digital Tape Recorder Remote
2-Tascam CD-RW5000 - CD-R Recorder
1-Tascam 80-8 Analog 1/2" Tape - 8Tr. Recorder w/DBX NR
1-Tascam DA-20 - Dat Recorder
1-Tascam 112 - Pro Cassette Recorder
1-Tascam US-2400 - Mixing surface for Pro Tools, Daws
1-Sony PCM-2300 - Dat Recorder
1-Sony MZ-R70 - Mini Disk Recorder/Player
1-Alesis Adat XT-20 - Digital Tape Recorder(20bit)
1-Alesis BRC - Adat Remote Control
2-Mackie D8B - Digital Consoles networked together w/4 Effects Cards, Apogee I/O clock card,
            64mb Ram Memory, Effects Plugins, & Latest Version OS, 2-20" LCD Monitors, etc.
1-Mackie - Patchbay Side Car
1-Tapco Mix 120 - 10ch Mixer(for computers)
1-Fostex G16S - 16 track 1/2" recorder w/Dolby "S"
1-Fostex Model 20 - 1/4"- 2tr Analog Tape Master Recorder w/NR 7" Reel
1-AKAI GX-635DB - 1/4"- 2tr Analog Tape Recorder 10" reel
3-Alesis Fireport - for tranferring tracks to & from HD-24's
4-Alesis HD-24XR - 24 track Hard Disk Recorder (high def converters)
2-Pro Tools 001 systems - LE w/plugins (1-MAC, 1-PC Windows XP)
1-Pro Tools 003+ rack system - LE 8.0 W/tons of plugins on Mac Pro (Quad 2.5ghz w/ 4.5Ghz Ram) OS X10.5.6

Speakers and Outboard Gear
1pr-Mackie HR824 - powered studio monitors
1pr-Tannoy Precision 8 - 8" studio monitors
2pr-Tannoy Reveal - 6.5" studio monitors
1pr-JBL LSR25P - powered studio monitors
1pr-KRK Rockit 5 - 5" powered studio monitors
1pr-Optimus ProAv - reference monitors
1pr-Optimus XTS-40 - cube reference monitors
2pr-AKAI MS200 - reference monitors
1-AB 1100 - stereo power amp
1-AB 950 - stereo power amp
1-API 3124+ - 4ch mic preamp
1-vintage Ampex 601 - tube mic preamps
1-vintage Ampex 602 - tube mic preamp
3-vintage Altec 1592B - mic preamps
4-vintage Vintek MV1 - mic preamps
1-vintage ADM667 - mic preamp
2-A. Demaria Labs 1000 - single channel tube compressor/limiter
7-ART Pro MP - dual channel tube mic preamp
3-ART Dual MP - dual channel tube mic preamp
1-JBL/Urei 7410 vintage - 16 channel mic preamp/mixer
1-Presonus M80 - 8 channel preamp
1-Digitech MEQ mono 28 - 28 band programmable graphic EQ
2-White vintage 4000 - Paragraphic EQ units
3-Kurzweil Rumour - digital reverb/effects unit
1-TC Electronics D-Two - digital delay unit
1-Delta Lab ADM1024 - vintage delay/flanger unit
1-Lexicon Reflex - multi-effects unit
1-Zoom Studio 1201 - multi-effects unit
2-Behringer Edison - Stereo image processor
1-Avalon U5 - DI/Preamp
3-MOTU 2408 MKII - 24ch digital patchbay/interface (analog,Tascam, & Adat)
1-MOTU 2408 MKIII - 24ch digital patchbay/interface (analog,Tascam, & Adat
1-MOTU 308 - 24ch digital patchbay interface (TOS,S/PDIF, & AES/EBU)
1-MOTU 896HD - 8ch high definition interface
1-Aardvark Aardsync II - house sync/word generator & distributor
1-Lucid GENx6 - word/superclock generator
2-Midiman Midisport 8x8/s - midi patchbay/interface
1-Digitech Live 4 - vocal harmony & effects unit
2-Sony MDR-7605 - studio headphones
1-Sony MDR-7609 - studio headphones
1-Sony MDR-V6 - studio headphones (for digital)
1-Audio-TechnicaATH-M40 - studio headphones
1-Fostex RP40 - studio headphones
1-Sennheiser HD485 - studio headphones

1-Event/Rode Classic - large diaphram tube mic w/9 patterns
1-Event/Rode NTV - large diaphram cardiod tube mic
2-Event/Rode NT-2 - large diaphram condenser w/2patterns
1-AKG Solid Tube - large diaphram tube mic
1-AKG C-3000 - large diaphram condenser w/2patterns
2-AKG C-1000 - small diaphram condenser
1-AKG 414-ULS - large diaphram condenser w/3patterns
2-AKG vintage D-1000E - dynamic mic
2-AKD vintage D-190E - dynamic mic
1-AKG vintage D-125 - dynamic mic
1-AKG D-112 - dynamic mic
1-AKG vintage D-20 - dynamic mic (Beatles)
1-AKG vintage D-12 - dynamic mic
1-AKG vintage D-19E - dynamic mic (Beatles)
2-AKG vintage D-19C - dynamic mic (Beatles)
1-AEG/AKG Vintage D-19 - BK Hi-dynamic mic (Beatles mic)
1-RCA Vintage DX77 - large broadcast ribbon mic
1-CAD E100 - large diaphram condenser
1-CAD E200 - large diaphram condenser
2-CAD E300 - large diaphram condenser
1-Shure SM-7 - large diaphram dynamic
2-Shure SM-81 - small diaphram condenser
1-Shure Beta 52 - dynamic bass mic
3-Shure SM-57 - dynamic mic
1-Shure SM-98a - small diaphram condenser
1-Shure 520D - "Green Bullet" harmonica mic
1-Shure vintage S55 - Unidyne dynamic mic
1-Shure Sonodyne 540S - vintage dynamic mic
1-Sennheiser E602 - dynamic bass mic
1-Sennheiser E609 - dynamic mic
1-Sennheiser E906 - dynamic mic
3-Sennheiser MD-421 - Lg. Diaphram Dynamic
1-Sennheiser MD-441 - Lg. Diaphram Dynamic
1-Sony ECM-MS597 - electret stereo condenser mic
1-Sony ECM-K200L - electret cardiod condenser mic
1-Sony ECM-929LT - electret stereo condenser mic
1-Fostex M77RP - flatcoil dynamic
1-Fostex M85RP - noise cancelling ribbon
1-Fostex M88RP - ribbon mic
1-Fostex M51RP - ribbon mic
1-Earthworks TC30k - small diaphram condenser
1-Audix CX-101 - large diaphram condenser
1-Audix SCX-25 - large diaphram condenser
1-Audio Technica 4060 - large diaphram tube mic
1-Audio Technica Pro 1 - dynamic hi-z mic
1-EV DS-35 - dynamic mic
2-EV vintage RE-15 - dynamic mic
1-EV vintage 635A - dynamic mic
1-EV vintage RE-50 - dynamic mic
1-EV vintage RE-11 - dynamic mic
1-EV PL-9 - dynamic mic
1-EV vintage RE-16 - dynamic mic
2-Behringer C-2 - small diaphram condenser mic
2-Realistic PZM - sound pressure mic
2-Realistic condenser - small diaphram electret condenser
1-Realistic 33-1062 - vintage ultra directional electret condenser mic
1-Beyer M88TG - dynamic mic
2-Beyer vintage M-410 - dynamic mic
2-Beyer M201N - dynamic mic
1-Nady SCM 900 - large diaphram cardiod condenser
2-Countryman Ass. - ISO mini condenser mic
4-Octava MC 012-01 - small diaphram condenser
1-Octava MK 219 - mid size diaphram condenser mic
1-Octava MKII 2500 - cardiod tube mic
3-RESLO vintage - ribbon mic (Beatles)

3-Johnson J Station - Studio Guitar processors w/amp modeling
1-VOX Tone Lab - tube guitar modeling processor
1-Zoom G7.1ut - tube guitar modeling processor
1-Behringer V Amp2 - guitar modeling processor
1-Behringer Bass V Amp Pro - bass guitar modeling processor
1-Yamaha SU10 - phrase sampler
1-Yamaha TP80 - trigger pad
1-Yamaha RA-50 - rotary speaker keyboard amp
1-Leslie 16 w/preamp - Leslie speaker cabinet
1-Rockman Lite w/ Rockmount - guitar processor
1-Rcktron Hush II - noise reduction unit
1-Boss GT-6 - guitar processor
1-Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-600 - drum machine
1-Boss DI-1 - active DI box
6-Rapco DB100 - passive DI box
1-Chickering piano - 1970's 5ft. baby grand piano
1-Roland JV-35 - digital synth
2-Roland JV-2080 - expanded w/8 sound cards ea. (16 sound cards total)
1-Roland GR-20 - Guitar synth w/GK-3 pickup
1-Roland S750 - Digital sampler w/RC-100 remote, & disks
1-pr bongos - wood bongos w/stand
1-pr CP/Matador timbales - chrome w/stand
1-Furman HDS-6 - 6 channelheadphone amp
7-Furman HR-6 - headphone remote box
1-Hear Back headphone system - 8 channel headphone amp w/4 remotes
1-Pintech 10" - trigger pad -dual zone w/real head
1-Behringer BTR2000 - rack tuner/metronome
1-Behringer Ultra -DI20 - Direct box/splitter
1-ART splitcom - mic splitter/combiner
Also numerous percussion intruments available

Many guitars, basses, amps, effects, etc., vintage and new -too many to name, are also available!

Video Production
4-DVD -R/+R Writer
1-DVD Ram Writer
1-DVD 16x 7 drive duplicator tower
1-Emerson 4 Head HiFi VHS
Pinnacle Studio 9 / Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD
Vegas 5.0 w/DVD Architect 2.0
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