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Radionic Studios' Client List

Kim Fowley
Todd Washko
Big Daddy O
Rabadash Records
Dick Darby
Carlo Nuccio
The Topcats
The Wise Guys
The Bedrocks
Midnight Special Band          
Noise Lab
Monkey Hill Records
Peter Hosappple
Fox Channel 8 TV
Pam Windham
Elizabeth Carter
Gary Hirstius
Theresa Andersson
Jeff Chaz
Joanna Miley
Mike Darby
Creatures of Habit
Daniel O'Flaherty
Knight Recording Studio Inc.        
Dan Abraham
Matt Touchard
Bank On It Records
Barbara LaCour
T.J. Powell
N.O. Stick Band
The Mixed Nuts
No Idea
River Blues
Bottoms Up
Bag of Donuts
Chee Weez
The Boogie Men
John Autin - Rabadash Records
Michael Campbell - Soup Factory Digital
Angel's Place
New Orlean's Original Daquiris
Juniper Row
3rd Echo
Four Unplugged
Harvey Jesus
Bobby Cure and the Summertime Blues
Big Wheel
The Blue Meanies
Rockin' Dopsie
Kim Carson & the Casualties
Joe Cook - Cook Family Music Inc.
the Pull
Boogie City
Don Barry

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