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      Quality, complete music production, from the beginning to the end, is the primary goal of both Four Cats Productions & Records and Radionic Records. From recording and cover design to mastering and duplication these two companies take pride in their productions. Below are some of the new projects to date on the Four Cats and Radionic labels. Check them out!

M80 Cover

Clumsy Grace Cover Eleven Years From Yesterday Cover Between Hay & Grass Front Cover Hopalong Catastrophe Cover Strange Plantations Front
Waterline Cover Down River Front Slightly Out Of Focus Front Cover Temporary Secret Front Cover
Retune Your Fortune Front Cover Mondays Front Cover gone Front Cover going somewhere Front Cover
Dear Raquel Front Cover NO Stick Band cover Aquasox Front Cover Slim's Bust Front Cover Honey Pot Movement cover
Anthology Front Anthology Front 4 Play Front Big Top Cover Big Dogs Front Topcats Xmas Front Cover