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Gary Hirstius "Temporary Secret"
Silent/Radionic FCP-1117-2

Temporary Secret Front Cover Temporary Secret Back Cover

      One of the most adventurous roots-rock records in recent history with an A-list of his local friends and musicians. Gary's vocal phrasing, songwriting and bandleading shows supreme confidence, and a mixture of hook-filled rockers balances the raw emotions of ballads like the haunting title track. This secret's out of the bag now, and it deserves to be shared far and wide. Rated a "4 star" record by Offbeat Magazine of New Orleans.

      Track List: Interlude (Storyville Jazz Band), Like A Man, Hands of the Angels, Never Stopped Loving You, Wake Up in Tears, Better Look, Move On, Don't Think, Heartbeat Away, For Me and You, Fool, This Can't Happen, Remembering, Before the Smoke Clears, Temporary Secret

* ...the jumble of styles on Secret, from the R&B of "Fool" to the soulful sing-along "Hands of the Angels," mix like concrete. The whole is grounded in Hirstius' sandpaper voice, which places the tunes firmly in the American heartland of such roots-rockers as John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen while basically retaining a New Orleans sensibility.
Gambit Weekly, November 4, 1997

* Now that he's up in front for good, with a set of mature, polished tunes steeped in the musical traditions he loves, it seems only a matter of time before the rock 'n' roll detective's "secrecy" is a thing of the past.
Gambit Weekly, November 4, 1997

* The warmth of Hirstius' '52 Gibson guitar and sandpaper vocals keeps the Americana roots rock grounded [and the] songs' mature point of view reflects their creator's perspective.
Times-Picayune/Lagniappe, October 17, 1997

* ...A reflective, introspective set of tunes...competent, soulful roots-rock...                              
Gambit Weekly, November 4, 1997

This CD is now available on Apple iTunes!