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Gary Hirstius "Waterline"
Radionic Records R-1130-2

Waterline front cover Waterline back cover

       Gary Hirstius has recorded three records. With each one his reputation has solidified as a singer and songwriter of the highest caliber in the eyes of critics and fans. With his fourth release, Waterline (Radionic Records), there has been no letdown. Hirstius has gone to the well once more and come up with a collection of new songs that proves that he is one of New Orleans' premier tunesmiths and deserves national recognition. Co-produced by Buzzy Beano and Richard Duncan, Waterline boasts some of New Orleans' top musicians including Theresa Andersson, Dwight Breeland, Mike Barras, Carlo Nuccio, Chuck Credo IV, Buzzy Beano and Tim Cook, John Magnie, and Steve Amedee of the subdudes. The material is some of Hirstius' best and he delivers it passionately with his unmistakable vocal style. Sure to be a CD you'll listen to over and over again. Mixed and mastered at Radionic Studios, New Orleans, LA by Buzzy Beano.

      Track List: The Sun's Gonna Shine (Time's Up), I Won't Forget, Let It Hurt, Mississippi Mud, Stay Long Enough, Just Another Day, Dark Eyed Lily, What Do You Think, I Won't Let It Die, Constantly Waiting, North Shore Girl, Rise Up, Constantly Waiting (reprise)