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Kim Fowley with Buzzy Beano "Strange Plantations"
Four Cats/Radionic Records FC 1127-2

Strange Plantations Front Strange Plantations Back
Strange Plantations: A Southern American Trailer Park Masterpiece by Kim Fowley and Buzzy Beano.

Kim Fowley is the next step after Frankenstein and Bozo the clown, with a croaking voice from the Tom Waits / Leonard Cohen school of acquired taste singers. Buzzy Beano is a multi-instrumentalist vocal chameleon who excels at engineering and mixing.

Kim and Buzzy made 5 years of soundlab music experimental recordings at The Apartment Studio in Jefferson, LA. between 1996-2001. Various local and overseas musical penpals participated in these "off the wall" noise a pop music framework.

Already underground / subversive music collectors are raving over the results that are Strange Plantations. Kim Fowley has recorded with or composed for: John Lennon - Nirvana - The Mothers of Invention - Kiss - The Runaways - Motley Crue - Alice Cooper - Blue Cheer - The Germs - Them And The Seeds.

Strange Plantations is not music you will hear at Mardi Gras. Strange Plantations is the music you will hear in the about to be built American colonies on Mars and the Moon.

Check out for this story.....this website has all the Buzzy Beano history you need to know.

      Track List: Questions/Answers, Rainbow Sky Rhinestone Sun, Crimson Seagull, Dancing in a Danger Mix, Surfin' Thru Cyber Space, Land of a 1000 DJ's, Nuclear Weekend, Down the Super Highway, Smoke & Mirrors, Bad Dog Club, Hot House Passion, Underwater, Brainstorm, Happy Pigs/Sleeping Cows, Learn to Live Without Sleep, Caged Animal

Now available!

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