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Kim Fowley


Kim Vincent Fowley (born July 21, 1939) is an American record producer, impresario, songwriter, musician and the son of Hollywood character actor Douglas Fowley. Kim has spent his musical career immersing himself in obscure and offbeat projects never sticking entirely with one genre or style of music. While Mr. Fowley has occasionally benefited from commercial success his music eminates on the fringes of mainstream where his art abides by no rules or limitations. Fowley has produced hundreds of recordings with a wide range of acts. One of his latest releases, Strange Plantations, was recorded in New orleans with Buzzy Beano, a local New Orleans record label owner/producer/musician. On this album Kim Fowley provides an array of sounds similar to that of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, while Buzzy Beano brings it all together with his natural abilities as a multi-instrumentalist vocal cameleon who excels at engineering and mixing.