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Francesca "A Year of Mondays"
Four Cats Records FCP1111-2 & FCP1111-4

Mondays Front Cover Mondays Back Cover

      "A Year of Mondays", the first release from Four Cats Productions & Four Cats/Radionic Records is a potpourri of styles and influences, written and sung exquisitely by recording artist Francesca. When discovered in New Orleans by local musician/producer Buzzy Langford, Francesca had written only three songs in her life. Encouraged to write more Francesca wrote the songs that fill this record, songs that reflect her unique observations on life and love, injected with smiles and sighs, and guaranteed to affect anyone who hears them. Supported by some of New Orleans' top muscians, the project took almost a year to complete because the work was done primarily on Mondays, hence the title.

      Track list: The Secret, Once Upon, Intentions, Maybe You Could Stay, Separated, Someone New, I'm Houdini, Some Dream, Short Stories, Herr Man, Open Heart

* Ms. Francesca scores points for writing all the songs & covering a fairly broad styllistic spectrum with ease. A bit of everything here, from MOR Pop, to Country Rock, to Smoky Jazz to Rock.
Offbeat Magazine - June 1996

* A slick debut CD by a previously unheard of Chanteuse, & produced by a guy named Buzzy. Francesca's voice is friendly & charmingly familiar. Worth keeping an eye on.
Offbeat Magazine CD Year in Review - Dec.1996

* Francesca's voice walks like a delicate line between sweet & sexy pop, wistful country, and dark, hungry rock. She adds a heartbreaking, seductive touch to some catchy original material on an edgy, atmospheric album, enhanced by a band which manages to take a 60's pop-garage sound and push it into an ephemeral, afterhours mood (like the Hollies meet Quentin Tarantino). "A Year of Mondays" is an impressive first effort.
Jonathan Tabak / Offbeat Magazine - April 1996

* Francesca, a self-professed "studio novice" presents a soulful, emotional debut worthy of any veteran singer / songwriter in the field. The pop-driven, catchy 11-song release fuses Francesca's pure vocals, spiritual lyrics and promises of "getting through", with a well-balanced acoustic and electric assortment of guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Indeed, the song's title may give you a bit in terms of where she is coming from. Well produced, well executed arrangements. Look for this upcoming artist.
Pork Tartare - 2003