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Francesca "Retune Your Fortune"
Four Cats/Radionic Records FC 1120-2

Retune Your Fortune Front Cover Retune Your Fortune Back Cover

      The followup to "A Year of Mondays", this record rocks with a harder edge and a live feel to the recordings, as most of the tracks are from the pre-productions demos. As with the "Mondays" CD, the songwriting on this record is superb...the title track rocks with the edge of a familiar Neil Young song. Collaborating with Buzzy Beano in writing the track As We Know, and lending her vocal stylings to the Love Survives penned by Beano, this record is filled with surprises.

*The instrumentation on Retune Your Fortune is astronomical. Electric, acoustic and bass guitars, saxophone, organ, piano, and violins...the sound is so full. The vocals are soft and sweet, the strings are lush, and every other instrument is clearly heard. Both the title track and As We Know give off an almost '90s grunge vibe (think Magnapop and Belly), yet Why Not is saturated with saxophone jazz hooks that make you feel like you're in New Orleans. Then there is the romantic cheese factor in Love Survives and Part of Change with the mellow vocals and softer acoustic guitar strums. Suspicious starts off with a country-western feel, complete with squealing violins and sweet soprano vocals, then transcends into sitar strings and guitars. This album is all over the place, but each song is so much fun that it doesn't really matter. What astounds me the most about Retune Your Fortune is that the album was recorded, mixed and mastered in a band member's apartment! Not a studio, not a house, an apartment. And the sound is that impressive. There are so many instruments on this record, yet it doesn't sound overproduced. I can assure you that not many people would be able to create something of this magnitude in a small apartment in Louisiana. And for that alone you should check out this album. It may be a little too mellow for the hard rock fans out there, but anyone who appreciates song structure and heavy instrumentation should give this one a spin.

-Rachel Mercurio - - 2005

      Track List: Retune Your Fortune, Try Not, Suspicious, As We Know, It's Gonna Be Alright, Weights On A Line, Part of Change, Love Survives, What Is Love, Rest Easy, How Do You Know

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