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The Topcats "Party With the Big Dogs"
Four Cats Records FCP-1113-2

Big Dogs Front Big Dogs Back

      On January 7,1998, the Topcats celebrated as they were presented, "1997 Best Cover Band in New Orleans" at the House of Blues, Best of the Beat Award Ceremony from Offbeat Magazine, for the second year in a row. Another highlight of 1997, was their performance for a private party at Commanders Palace for the cast and crew of the movie "Primary Colors". Guests included John Travolta and Emma Thompson. Five years ago the Topcats celebrated ten years of performing together with the release of "Ten Times 'Round the Sun", a cassette with two of their best compositions to date. This landmark achievement culminated in appearance on WWL's "The Angela Show" and WGNO's "Real New Orleans".

      A decade of performance has enabled The Topcats to acheive a level of versatility unmatched in the New Orleans music scene. From the 50's to the 90's, from romantic ballads to the latest dance craze, The Topcats' vast play list has enabled them to continually grow stronger in corporate fields, while remaining a favorite in the night club scene. The fact that the band is fast becoming the choice for conventions and Mardi Gras organizations is evident in their performance at the annual "Zoo To Doo", one of the largest cultural fund raising events in the country, to benefit the local Audubon Zoo. With over a century of combined musical experience, The Topcats have the expertise and musicianship to produce any style of music and the four of them each contribute in their own way.

      The ability of drummer Robert Schulte to lay down a strong groove, while being the "life of the party" can be seen whether he's behind the drums or "out front" leading your favorite line dance or party song. He's been pounding out a beat on anything he could find since the age of six.

      The vocal and bass playing of Pat Campbell lends the band its' soul. He's been a four-stringer since twelve and acknowledges a love of 60's soul as being his primary inspiration in music.

      Buzzy Beano is the band's lead guitarist. His high-powered guitar playing and smooth vocal style enables the band to rock with the best, while producing vocal harmonies out of this world. Buzzy has been a strummer for over twenty-five years, including a four-year stint with famed "Vince Vance and the Valiants".

      Keyboardist David Gamble attended both the Loyola and Tulane schools of music in New Orleans, and has been tickling the ivories since he was fifteen. His musicianship and expert synthesizer programming provide The Topcats with a sonic palette that ranges from sensual orchestrations to blasting brass sections and powerful dance grooves.

      Track List: Hot Hot Hot, YMCA, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Fast As You, Hard Days Night, Alright Now, Lady in Red, Unbelievable, Tainted Love, Whomp, Tootsie Roll, Your Mamma Don't Dance, Honky Tonk Woman, Evil Ways, Busy Signal, Foolish Me, Keep Back 200 Feet, Clocks