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Topcats "Welcome to the Big Top"
Four Cats/Radionic Records FC 1121-2

Big Top Cover Big Top Back

      The party continues with the follow-up to their successful 1998 CD "Party With the Big Dogs". Packed with live recordings of your favorite dance/party songs; plus a few surprises! This record promises to be as satisfying as "Big Dogs", and the surprise studio recordings are a delight!

      Band Includes Robert Schulte (drums, vocals), Pat Campbell (vocals, bass), Buzzy Beano (guitar, vocals), and David Gamble (keyboard).

      Track Listing: Balloonograph, Welcome to the Big Top, Centerfold, Jessie's Girl, Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Let's Get it On, The Freeze, Boogie Shoes, Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Soul Music, The Electric Slide, Wild Wild West, Bad Day, Shake it Like a Dog, Back That Azz Up, What I Like About You, Circus Girl, Follow You Down, The Bengal Lounge