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The Topcats

The Topcats       The Topcats have been a force on the New Orleans music scene now for over twenty-five years. Originally formed in the early seventies as a fifties "doo-wap" band, the current line-up of Buzzy Langford on guitar and vocals, Pat Campbell on bass and vocals, Robert Schulte on drums and vocals, and David Gamble on keyboards has been cranking out a large variety of rock & roll for over twenty years. The band works consistently year round in the New Orleans area, and over the past twenty years they have released six different recording projects, the last being "Anthology" on Four Cats Records. These guys make their living playing music, and it shows in their consistency and professionalism, and The Topcats original projects are as versatile as their "live" shows. All the info you ever wanted to know about the history of the band and its members, or any other aspects of the band, plus sounds and sights of The Topcats are available on their official web site -