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Todd Washko "going somewhere"
Radionic Records FCP1119-2

going somewhere Front Cover going somewhere Back Cover

      Four Cats/Radionic Records proudly introduces the debut of Todd Washko, with the release of "going somewhere". This talented young singer/songwriter presents his musical observations on life with an insight that belies his age. Backed by a virtual all star cast of guest players including: Bob Andrews (Brinsley Schwarz, Graham Parker), Vicki Peterson (Continental Drifters, Bangles), Susan Cowsill (Continental Drifters, Cowsills), Theresa Andersson (Anders Osborne), Carlo Nuccio (Royal Fingerbowl, Anders Osborne, Continental Drifters), among others; the music resonates with elements of raw energy, sweet harmonies, and top notch musicianship.

      The roots of "going somewhere" actually extend back to the day Washko left his native Nashville for New Orleans. He is quick to admit to a certain amount of small-town-boy shock upon arrival in the Big Easy; his deep musical background included years of playing the violin and the trumpet, but the musical explosion that is New Orleans was overwhelming. The eclectic, potent mix of people, lifestyles, and images in the city also released a previously undiscovered enjoyment of writing, specifically poetry.

      Washko's music is built upon a unique guitar style developed without any formal training on the instrument; it combines a rhythmic, propulsive foundation with simultaneous melodic lines and riffs providing a musical "second voice" to complement his vocals. The result is a rootsy, powerful sound with a wide variety of styles, rhythms, and moods.

      Track List: Mr. Billings, Queensferry Road, Unknown Soldier, Two Stops, Flow, Same to Me, No Help Wanted, Detroit Rain, Never Been in Love, Wildfire, Radio Hill, Glass House, These Days

This CD is now available on Apple iTunes!