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Todd Washko "gone"
Radionic Records FC1119-2

gone Front Cover gone Back Cover

      The long awaited followup to "going somewhere", this CD goes beyond the boundaries of the typical singer/songwriter record by exploring new sounds, textures, and beats. The production lends itself to a very colorful and fresh approach that was plentiful in the music of the 60's and 70's………but seems forgotten in today's corporate world of record making. Certain to become a milestone for Washko, and a record that should far surpass the critical acclaim & national radio airplay of "going somewhere"!
The lyrics to the songs on "gone" are available on this web site.
The CD is available at all major record outlets, and also on this web site.

* Mixing the close, reedy feel of acoustic mandolin, guitar and even bagpipes, with the electric drive of bass, organ and drums, Todd Washko and company bring a fresh feel to the expanse of today's Americana music. Writing stories within songs, Washko paints stories of individuals, mostly working class, both young and old as the heros within the song. gone, Todd Washko's more recent release, toys with more mature song stylings and a bit more rockin' than rollin', but both are well suited for the fan of the story in song.
Pork Tartare - 2003

      Track List: Sacramento , Molly's at the Market, In The End, All Right, Ace Of Spades, Nobody Needs to Know, St. Christopher, Dorothy, Stranded, Promised Land, Tell Me, Mood Swing, Again