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Richard Duncan presents Wendell Nightfall Troupe
"Clumsy Grace"

Radionic Records FC 1133-2

*Cover by Talia Wabnig*

In the summer of 1974, two young men set their sights on fame and fortune and moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles to pursue their musical dreams. After settling in Santa Monica, they recruited three string players from University of Southern California to help them define their sound. The sound evolved into a hybrid of European pop, classical, and rock music that had little chance in the era of disco music. Still they persisted and got their fair share of interest and encouragement from many in the music industry, though they never landed a recording contract. After years of starts and stops and ups and downs, the pursuit ended. This group of songs represents the highlights from all the demo tapes that remain.

      Track List:

Stardumb, Clumsy Grace , Take A Chance, There's Something Wrong, You're Not Listening , Stars in Manhattan, Take A Bow , Australia,
The Motor Song, Hollywood Boulevard , Suddenly It's You