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Hopalong Catastrophe
featuring Buzzy Beano

"Hopalong Catastrophe"

Radionic Records R-1129-2

Hopalong Catastrophe front cover Hopalong Catastrophe back cover

      Last year's debut, "between hay and grass" (Four Cats Records), established Buzzy Beano as a premier interpreter of the country-influenced rock and pop styles of such notables as Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and the Flying Burrito Brothers. He returns with a fresh set of original tunes on "Hopalong Catastrophe featuring Buzzy Beano" with the same kind of authenticity and dedication that brought his first record critical acclaim. Featuring the standout "Friends, Money, Love", the writing and performing on this record ring with a confidence and self-assuredness that only seasoned musicians can pull off successfully. The songs, ranging from the rollicking "I Got A Volkswagen, You Got A Cadillac" (featuring Don Schulz on vocals) to the haunting "Prairie Wind", display Buzzy's diverse writing style. Get this record and guarantee yourself hours of listening pleasure. Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Buzzy Beano at Radionic Studios, New Orleans, LA.

      Track List: Ya Don't Love Me Like Ya Used To Do, Love Sweet Love, Friends Money Love, Oh My My, Leave Here Today, I Got A Volkswagen You Got A Cadillac, Forever, Catatonic Momma, Don't Let Me Down, Losin' You, Sparrow, Love Stole Me Blind, Prairie Wind