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Juniper Row "Juniper Row"

Juniper Row Front Cover Juniper Row Front Cover

      This alternative/pop rock group's CD was produced by Buzzy Beano and was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Apartment Studio. The 12 song record is very powerful with dark moods and catchy hooks, while the vocal style of Julie McTaggart can be both soaring and subtle within the framework of the group's sound. After the release of Juniper Row, the group appeared on TV as guests of the regional music show "Louisiana Jukebox". Their performance has become a favorite of the show being shown numerous times on the TV show's "best of" series. You can catch Juniper Row performing in the New Orleans area, and their CD is available at their web site,, and record stores throughout Louisiana. The group is in the studio working on their second CD, which is also being produced by Buzzy Beano and recorded at the Apartment Studio. Look for it in winter 2002/2003.