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Kim Carson Band "Gulf of Mexico"

Kim Carson Front Cover

      Track List: Gulf of Mexico (Kim Carson), Where the Hell's The Johnny Cash (Jimmy Pizzatola & Jason Bishop), A Six Pack To Go (Hank Thompson, Johnny Lowe & Dick Hart), Baby Ride Easy (Richard Dobson), Jack Daniels And Jesus (Dwight Breland), Whiskey Heaven (C. Crofford, J. Durrill & S. Garrett), One More Shot of Jack Daniels (Kim Carson), Cheap Ass Wine (Dwight Breland), In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine), Damned Queen of the Rodeo (Kim Carson), Look Into Your Blues (Dwight Breland), You Cannot Drown Your Sorrows (Jim McCormick), Midnight Clown (Dwight Breland), Butt Biting Bob (Kim Carson)

Mixed and mastered by Buzzy Beano at Radionic Studios
Produced by Buzzy Beano, Dwight Breland, and Kim Carson