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Maidenhead was formed in New Orleans, Louisiana. "Formed" may not be the right word; "grown" may be more appropriate. Originally they got together only to record a few demo tapes for their own enjoyment. Copies of the recordings were made for friends, and one of them eventually landed in the office of Radionic Records. The label quickly offered to releaase the material. After a little polish here and a little spit shine there, the demos were released as the debut CD, Dear Raquel.
Since its release, Dear Raquel has received international critical acclaim. Initial sales of the record have exceeded expectations due to positive reviews and energetic live performances. Having written more than enough new material for a second CD, the band hopes to record a follow up and have it in stores within the next year. In the meantime, they plan to increase their fanbase and attract the attention of the bigger, national record labels.
No matter what the future may hold, the band is currently having a blast promoting their fun and energetic CD, Dear Raquel. They will continue to write, record and perform for as long as people clamor for the Maidenhead sound--or maybe even longer.

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