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Kim Fowley "Sex Cars & God"

Sex Cars and God Front Cover Sex Cars and God Back Cover

      This CD, by the infamous spingalli Kim Fowley, was recorded at the Apartment, and produced by Fowley and Buzzy Beano. The record was released on the Koch International label and distributed in five countries throughout Europe. Fowley has been producing records since the 1950's when he produced his first hit single "Alley Oop". Since then he has gone on to produce numerous groups and artists including Helen Reddy and the Runaways. He has also written songs for Kiss, the Byrds, and many record labels throughout the world. Although Sex Cars & God is not available as a US release, you may be able to find it by going to either the Koch international web site, or to the Kim Fowley web site. We here at Four Cats/Radionic and the Apartment are proud to have been a part of this project with Kim and also proud of the work on this record.